One side of X-Carve not square

Please help. I have checked everything I can think of…When attempting to cut right angles, they were not 90 degrees as they should be, so I started double checking everything on the CNC. If you look at the pictures, you can see what I found. My V wheels are all correct, my eccentric nuts are correct. Every other thing on this checks out as being straight and square, so I do not understand how that cannot be right, in only one place. Only the right hand plate to X axis is not square, as you can see, the left hand side is perfect. Any suggestions?

I should mention that aside from the right angle issue, it cuts wonderfully.

I had a similar alignment problem that was caused by two things. One was that the ends of the Makerslide were not cut square, the other was that I had tightened the bolts holding the spoil board down before I checked that everything was square. I undid all the spoil board bolts, got everything square and then tightened them in sequence.
Now everything measures as square. (Still not cutting properly but that’s a separate issue)

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When you’re screwing first time, those holes on Maker slide getting little fat. You may want to file the edge of Maker slide facing to holding plate might help. Even you don’t noticed by looking on it, take those four screws out, use your file to see if shaving is evenly touching to the surface.

I will have to take it apart and double check all of that. I did take the time though to tap each and every hole instead of relying on the self threading screws.

It’s often a good idea to slightly countersink the tapped holes after tapping to get rid of any swarf.