Online Fonts

I came across a way to download fonts into Easel from the internet

  1. Go to and type in your word or phrase you want.
  2. Pick your Font type
  3. Pick Font Size, Color (Black), And, Text Background (White)
  4. Pick Download Option (JPG) and download .
  5. (open) file to view
    The Word or Phrase can now be Downloaded into Easel
    as a (IMAGE) using Image Trace.
    It is now ready to be resized how ever you wish in Easel

Thanks for sharing the Font Generator link. The PNG file didn’t work well, but the JPG file works, just as you said in your post.

thats way too much work for not so great results. Get inkscape, install any font you want on your computer. Do all your layout worok in inkscape, convert all objects to paths, save as svg and import the svg into easel. No tracing images, not funky spacing. You will have way better control of the font, its layout and positioning and size with none of the BS that is easel. The way easel deals with fonts is horrible and you shouldnt have to use a work around that involves image tracing to create a project. Inkscape is a way more powerful design tool than easel is. You can layout entire projects in it and have way better results than what easel will offer. Inkscape is a proper vector software and its free.

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