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I am a new owner of the xcarve. I assembled it in my basement and want to move it outdoors to my actual shop. I know that the software requires Internet connection. So if I design on a laptop in the house where I have Internet and take the laptop to my shop, will it run the xcarve or will I need Internet out in the shop too?

I might be wrong and maybe someone will chime in but you need internet to get it started then it will run the program. So i guess if you need it to get going you would probably have it all the time. I am sure you need it to start.

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Wayne is correct, if you’re using Easel you will need internet in your shop to run the XCarve.

Alternatively, you can create your design in your house using the internet, save the g-code and use a sender program in your shop. There are a few g-code senders (Universal G-Code Sender (UGS), CNCJS to name a few) that don’t require an internet connection to run the g-code on the X-Carve.

You will find the option to do so under >Machine>Advanced: export g-code.

I did the same and had to get a WiFi extender and a power extender. Spent about $200 for both. You can use a laptop inside then turn it on and run the machine. But will need the internet to save your projects

Just run an ethernet cable from your house router/access point out to the shop.

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Hi Michael,

Easel does not require an Internet connection to carve. This is documented in our system requirements:

Internet Access

Internet access is required to load and save Easel projects. Internet access is not required to work with a project once loaded or to connect to your machine and carve a project. If you do make changes to an Easel project while working offline, you will need to re-connect to the Internet to save them before closing the tab/window that the project is running in.

I originally had my CNC in my garage and had to purchase a (cheap) extender. But, then, the garage was too hot or too cold. I moved inside (with a vacuum, of course) but still don’t trust the machine to run by itself. I haven’t had any major problems, but, sometimes, the carving will get screwed up. Also, I’m somewhat concerned that the router will overheat and catch on fire due to long carves. So, I don’t start a carve and walk away. Maybe pros would do, but not me.

I’m not a pro at it but it seems pretty easy to get it to work. It’s just a trial and era. But don’t give up yet, you’re just getting started

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it seems as the more you carve, the better results you get.