Open builds XYZ Probe +5v

I am using the Openbuilds XYZ probe in gSender for my XCP and it works well, but I wanted the noise filtering and LED lights to work. It requires +5v power, so I made a usb-c plug that takes 5v power from my laptop. Whenever the spindle lead is connected now it returns as contacted though. Unplug the 5v power and it works normally again. I guess I need a 5v that is supplied only on probe contact? Does anyone know more about this and can help?

Do you have ground connected as well?

Yes, I have the signal wire and ground wire connected to the HMI. The +5v goes to the power out on a usb c.

The 5V should be constant. You don’t want it to just be +5V on contact.
Assuming you’re correctly wired to 5V, you’d want to make sure your grounds are common. Can you just pull 5V from your board?

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Aha, that makes a lot of sense. I am not sure if I can or not, I wired the probe to a DC power plug to use the same female plug on the x-carve hmi. Is there a +5v I can pull from inside the hmi? I haven’t peeked inside of it, since I used the plug and had no need to. Thanks for the help by the way.