Open Speaker Box

I would like to both make and propose a fully open source speaker box design. community driven, community sourced, community funded perhaps? but for now community designed. below are some information regarding what i’m proposing…

“An acoustic transmission line is the use of a long duct, which acts as an acoustic waveguide and is used to produce or transmit sound in an undistorted manner. Technically it is the acoustic analog of the electrical transmission line, typically conceived as a rigid-walled duct or tube, that is long and thin relative to the wavelength of sound present in it.” Wikipedia.

Basically you can get all the good stuff out of a speaker regardless of size. Making even a small speaker sound really big and room-filling. (think the Bose kind of)

the problem is that to do it right there is some mind boggling math that has to happen. Thats where the community comes in. all information will be shared and will be public domain. make it sell it tweak it keep it you helped make it you benefit from it. legal stuff over… now on to the design.

the design is determined by alot of information from the speakers to be used. i’m proposing the Swan HiVi M4N. a 4" full range driver. info below they cost about $20 each which isn’t bad for decent speakers.

concept designs, …

Speaker info:

More info on AT :

I have a resource (math professor) local to me that is willing to help with some of the math. going to run things by him next week. if anyone has designs please upload them so we can all enjoy a really nice set of speakers in a box we all made !



Wow, those look really cool! Looking forward to seeing this project move forward :slight_smile:

Finished speaker and an iPod dock I made with the xcarve

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niiiice. how does it sound? what driver are you using? did you create your own amp?

It sounds like crap!!! So the iPod dock I salvaged from my old work. They gave it to me I never used it tore it apart when I got my xcarve. The amp and drivers that came in that pos SUCK so it’s practically UNUSEABLE. speakers however are kinda my thing so this is something I am putting some serious time into. This project was just kinda to see what the machine could do. On the dock I used walnut to make the buttons ply for the box and the bamboo that came in the material bundle,for the face. Did it all in easel worked out pretty well. As for your idea and back,to speakers…

These aren’t anything I ha e done but I’m kinda budget limited right now so I look forward to sharing some things I am,actually designing. I like fostex full range drivers the guys at fruval horn are having really good luck with them I’m their big,horns. I like hivi parts express has a great selection. I am designing a nice set of floor standings that use morel full range drivers. The biggest issue with this type of speaker is driving them. They don’t really like high watage receivers and amps. I thought of using the machine to cut out some sweet matches 2 channel amp boxes for a matches amp. That’s why I did the iPod dock lol. Now I’ve rambled. Hope you like,the project. If you have any questions on speakers send me a message

ive seen those designes and love them all. the inspiration came from well your picture and some other interesting things ive seen from parts express. i wanted a really nice sounding set of desk speakers with out the massive space required by some for the same kind of sound. AT design seemed like a great idea. now for the designing. i like the clear sides and rounded channels. aesthetically they look really beautiful. i’d really like to do a 4in and a 6in design as well as a sub design to go along with the set 8". as for the drivers i wasn’t able to find fostex drivers in the price range that i wanted to stay inside (sub 100 total project… at least the pair minus the sub)

we need to find an acoustic engineer :wink:

These aren’t things I typically share. This is 14 inches tall designed for a 6 inch fostex

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How does something g like that aound? Does it act as an accustic amplifier? Full round sound? Lowe’s highs?

The key with horns are even geometry. I’m no sound engineer but a little trial and error goes almost as far lol. That one I haven’t made yet but a similar much less well designed one sounded amazing. Just got to power it right. Also as you wanted a sub goes a long way.

So even expanding or compressing tunnels? Good info.

Speaker came in today :smile:

sounds great so far.

soon as i get my Y axis binding issue sorted its going to be go time :slight_smile:

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Stumbled on these designs the other day, pretty interesting. I’m starting to see a similarity between horns and transmission lines.

Did you ever make the speaker

no saddly the project got side railed for the time being