Open Tool Paths

I’ve been drawing R/C Aircraft parts in Fusion 360, saving them as DXF’s and then importing to Easel. Sometimes with success and most of the time Easel is telling me that I have open tool paths. Yeah I can see them!

I’ve sent Inventables files and the reply comes back "you have open tool paths. This I know. Fusion 360 says if the lines aren’t connected you won’t be able to extrude the part. All of my parts can be extruded.

I need help. Short of therapy can anyone give me a fix?

Can you share a Fusion file or the resulting DXFs?

BD Fuse A.dxf (7.1 KB)

This should be the latest file that I’m having trouble with, With others I’ve done, I’ve hit upon something that works quite by accident. I’d really like to find out what I need to do to make this work every time the first time.

That’s definitely an open path. :grimacing:
Any chance you can share the f3d? I’m curious how you’re getting that DXF from a Fusion solid model. I’m guessing that there is a spline closing the open end in Fusion?

That DXF was taken from a F360 sketch. I only extruded it because I’ve been told that F360 won’t extrude if all lines aren’t connected.

Hey Ron,
This is an issue with the importing of Fusion exported splines. I run into this issue all of the time and have yet to find a way to streamline the process. If you have a lot of parts with splines, I have some ideas that might work. I actually have a student running into this issue now. If we come up with an easier process, I’ll let you know.
Most promising is to use the Shaper Tools Utilities to export parts as SVGs.
For the SVG above, I offset your DXF 0.0001mm in Fusion. I then used inkscape to combine the paths.

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