Open vectors in V Carve

To those who use V Carve, I keep getting this notification that I have open vectors and wont let me carve. Any thoughts. I went over it zoomed in and don’t see any open vectors.

Try this article from Vectric:

I had the same problem a few months ago. My problem turned out to be that I had two lines laying on top of each other so that it looked like just one line.

The only way to find it was to zoom in and enter node edit mode. The grab each node and move it to the side and see if there is another line under it.

Go around your entire image moving nodes till you find the underlying lines.

Ah. Got it. I was using the join vectors icon, but was showing no open vectors. Figured out I need to ungroup it THEN use the join vector icon and then it showed 1 open vector. Thx guys

An easy way to find open vectors is to click on Edit/Display Open Vectors.

Not when the lines are right on top of each other.

It’ll still tell you there are open vectors, but you’re right - you might have to look for it if everything is one open vector. If all vectors appear highlighted, you can shift-click to un-select a vector to see if there are multiples.

I was doing that Bill but it was saying there were no open vectors. When I figured out I needed to ungroup the selection is when it told me there was one. Then just simply clicked the join vector icon

You’re all right. To troubleshoot, everything needs to be ungrouped. And then when you select all open vectors, you can CTRL+X them to get rid of them. THen open an new layer and CTRL+V them (turning off visibility on all other layers) to see what the heck they were. Or open a new project and paste them. I do this to make sure that what I am deleting is not integral to the piece I am cutting.

Thx, I’ll try to remember that. Haven’t really used the layers in my designs yet.