OpenBuilds CONTROL software

can OpenBuilds CONTROL software be used with x carve controler

Yes…they all run GRBL.

Yes this is super cool I am use for my CNC whit X controller?

thank you

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i am new at this how do you setup to run on the xcarve

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You need only to install openbuilds control, and then select the correct com port and select “connect”
Then home
Then set x,y zeros and then you can jog into position and probe for z.

To probe z open the probe wizard (or the carrot next to the set z button)
At the bottom left of the probe popup you may need to select z probe as opposed yo x,y,z probe…then open the settings and enter your probe thickness, close settings and probe.

Then you can send the job :+1:

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pp do i use for it

If available select one labeled “openbuilds”
If not then grbl will work most of the time, openbuilda control does have a limit to the number of decimal places it can take, so certain designs using the grbl one will error out as a result… the openbuilds ones account for this and round decimal places to like 6 digits i think its limited to…

thank a lot for your help
it nice that you help all of new people you are the best.

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So when you probe the z and openbuilds starts to “two-stepping” around the probe…I’m not in the right spot?

Got It!

It sounds like you’ve got the XYZ probe option selected. Possibly the OpenBuilds Brand XYZ probe even.

At the lower left are the probe selections and you’d want to ensure the “Z Probe” option is selected.

This image shows Openbuilds brand XYZ, but you’d want to click that grey box and change it to Z Probe. (I’m in my office or I’d show the right option, but I assure you, it’s there)