Openbuilds X-Carve C-Beam Linear Actuator

I’ve purchased a C-Beam Linear Actuator (250mm version of with the intention of using it as my new Z-Axis.

Does anyone have experience with doing this? I have a few questions…

  • how to best attached linear actuator to X-Axis?
  • use Openbuilds motor mount (I have DW611 router) or use mount from X-Carve?
  • any other issues to watch out for or suggestions?

Any advice, pictures or videos much appreciated.


Thanks, I have assembled the linear actuator already. I’m looking for advice about how to attach it to the X-Carve.

should be simple to attached C-beam to the X Carriage Extrusion.
using the 4 screws and T-Slot Nuts then Spindle Mount to C-beam plate.

Can someone post pics of their completed X-Carve with C-Beem please.

For those that have tried this linear actuator setup, does it add more stiffness to the z axis? I’m considering upgrading to this to eliminate some of the slop of the original setup, I like the idea of the ACME screw being fixed on both ends.

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What did you end up with for setting on your $102? I’m current stepping about 2 inch for every .5 of an inch I ask the Z axis to move.

Divide your current steps ($102 setting) by 4. Then measure more precisely and recalculate until you have it dialed in.