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Opening a Maker Lab and wanted to make sampler of cuts

Hi we are opening a new maker space here at the Keene Public Library and I wanted to have some demo cuts on hand to show people. I have only done one cut thus far. I am thinking of creating samples by using the same design on different materials and with different bits to demonstrate the different characteristics of the cuts on different materials and what the different bit cuts look like. For instance I might have a simple symbol such as an X in the center of a circle. Cut that same symbol out of different materials but using different bits. First of all do you know of anyone who has done this already and has a resource on line? Do you think this would be a worthwhile exercise and tool to have on hand? Would the different cuts be discernible? Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I might consider if I decide to do this. Right now we have the Carvey sample materials packages with various wood, acrylic, linoleum etc… and a fair supply of different bits. Thanks in advance for your help.

In your position, I think I would go for a small Key Chain fob that could be bulk machined on the Carvey. I would have promotion for your maker space engraved on one side. You should be able to quickly crank these out on the Carvey.

Rather than see a sampler, it might be more interesting for individual touring your maker space to see the Carvey in action.

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Thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. We are thinking of making some do dad to hand out at our opening as well as having the machines running so people can see them in action. I am trying to set up the maker space studio in a way where users can gain independence by having ready reference examples of what tool does what. Quite possibly we will have enough of a collection of objects within a few weeks to have laying around for people to look at and see what the difference between the same bit used on different materials. Maybe there really isn’t much of a difference to really notice and think about. I think I had better get carving and see how any of this might be helpful to shop users but I am still interested in any others experiences with setting up shop for users of various skill sets/ages etc… The space will be staffed but unfortunately we may not be able to have a fully skilled staff person in the space at all times.