Operator Messages in grbl

Sorry if this has been covered and I certainly don’t want to be spoon fed but looking through the grbl wiki, config.h, and here on the forum I’ve not been able to locate if it’s possible to use messages in parentheses at an m1 such as M1 (Change Tool T12) for example. I already see several things I’d like to play around with and change. I’m more than certain I have found the information to recompile and load those changes onto the X Control but for the life of me I can’t find this simple answer. If someone could even just point me in the direction if it has been covered here already I’ll be more than happy to poor over it. Maybe I’m just trying to phrase it wrong when searching here or the web IDK. Still a major grbl rookie but I have plenty of years experience with G-code and I certainly get to some degree the arduino code in that I’ve played around in the past (not a professional coder) I’m using UGS but in all my tests I can’t get the message to display on the M1 line in the Console when running the code! Thanks for any help. Just pin the tail on this Donkey is all I need LOL

Maybe I have it? Should I use a ; before a comment? Like
G28 G91 Z0 ;this is the comment move to the Z G28 Clearance Plane
G28 X0 Y0

instead of G28 G91 Z0 (this is the comment move to the Z G28 Clearance Plane)
G28 X0 Y0

I’ll try the semicolon and see?!?

Everything is possible, given enough resources. Problem here is there are not enough resources and it would take so much time you would never get a project completed.

Current build (1.1f) takes up almost all of the Atmega328P resources just to interpret the G-code and control machine movements. Here is the output from a current stock build of 1.1f

Sketch uses 30756 bytes (95%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32256 bytes.
Global variables use 1633 bytes (79%) of dynamic memory, leaving 415 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes. Low memory available, stability problems may occur.

You can get grbl to echo the G-code that it receives, but here is the advice on that subject from the config.h file.

// With this enabled, Grbl sends back an echo of the line it has received, which has been pre-parsed (spaces
// removed, capitalized letters, no comments) and is to be immediately executed by Grbl. Echoes will not be
// sent upon a line buffer overflow, but should for all normal lines sent to Grbl. For example, if a user
// sendss the line ‘g1 x1.032 y2.45 (test comment)’, Grbl will echo back in the form ‘[echo: G1X1.032Y2.45]’.
// NOTE: Only use this for debugging purposes!! When echoing, this takes up valuable resources and can effect
// performance. If absolutely needed for normal operation, the serial write buffer should be greatly increased
// to help minimize transmission waiting within the serial write protocol.
// #define REPORT_ECHO_LINE_RECEIVED // Default disabled. Uncomment to enable.

Adding the type of information you seem to want is usually handled by the G-code sender, not grbl.