Optlasers 15W

I’ve had the OptLasers 6w laser for a couple of years now and have had great success with it. So I bit the bullet as part of refurbishing my ‘shop and decided to go large (literally) it’s way bigger! I’ve just received the new 15w version PLH3D-15W Engraving Laser Head
First job is to work out how to mount it!!
Will post updates and thoughts as and when.


Can’t wait to see!

So I couldn’t wait to finish designing the mounting bracket… WIP, so grabbed a few scraps of weird materials to give the beast a quick outing…
All done using Lightburn
Welsh Slate (heart) - 1 pass, 60% power @ 500mm/min
Stainless Steel (excuse the dodgy old knife!) - 1 pass, 90% power @ 300mm/min
3mm Acrylic (glitter back) - 4 passes, 100% power @ 200mm/min
Obviously not hugely scientific yet! But just thought I’d share for your amusement.
It is a huge step up from the 6w that’s for certain.

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Dang that 15W packs a punch!

You should try out some of my laser projects and see how they work for you…

Cheers Harry - I’ll take a look

So can I ask how much was the 15w