Order of toolpaths

I am making a couple of panels for flight simulation hardware. I use 3 mm cast acrylic. I have (spray) painted the acrylic with 1 layer of primer and 2 layers of paint.

Step 1: use a small 15 degree V-bit for engraving the text (removing the paint)
Step 2: use a flat endmill for cutting out the holes and panel.

Right now I am doing this in 2 separate runs, in run 1 I delete the holes (step 2) and in run 2 I delete the text and symbols (step 1)

Is there an easier way of doing this in 1 run with an option for a tool-change in between or is the bast way to make 2 separate files for this? I can’t just add another run because in Easel the main bit should be the flat bit and the V-bit the detail bit. That would probably not work in what I am making.

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you are doing it the only way that Easel will allow.

Personally I use the multiple workpieces (along the bottom panel) to create those multiple jobs that way I’m not actively deleting stuff between jobs, I just switch from workpiece to workpiece, but the way you’re doing it will also work just as well

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But in order to make multiple workpieces, you need to split a complete workpiece into 2 different ones, right? (for 2 runs)

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yes, so basically exactly the way your already doing it, but using a separate workpiece (in easel) for each of the 2 dseigns, already set to their correct bits…

then there’s no steps to really forget, no items to forget to delete, you just do the bit swap, select the other workpiece and hit carve…it would make the transition from first carve to 2nd much faster IMO

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