Ordering kit upgrades individually

Is it possible to order just the Core Component kit first and the rest of the parts later? This is more for folks who can’t afford the entire basic kit from the beginning.

Yes. Make sure you select “none” on the other modules and it will remove them from the shopping cart.

What I was wondering was ordering the other portions later. There isn’t an option to not select a Core Component kit.

Yes you may select none of the other modules and only get the core components if you wish. We will have to fix it so you can buy without the core components.

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" We will have to fix it so you can buy without the core components."

That’s the part I was wondering about. Thank you.

@RyanJames we talked it over and instead of making it so you can buy through the configurator without the core components we’re just going to make it so you can buy the items separately in our store. We don’t want people to get confused while doing a configuration and accidentally not buy the core components of the machine with are required if you are starting from scratch.

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@Zach_Kaplan Thank you for the info. As I sat and thought about it, ordering the parts individually would be easier after getting the core kit. Thanks again for looking into it.

Hi Zach
Is it possible to buy the Shapeoko upgrade kit and then omit some components? I will be making a custom size machine, so the 500mm pulley belts are of no use to me. However I have been told that the kit cannot be changed? This seems to go against your video where you clearly mention that customers only need to buy the parts that they need, but this does not seem to be the case.

Until the individual components become available, what other option is there?



The wait is finally over. We’ve started selling parts individually today.

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