Ordering my Second X-Carve

So im about to order my second X-carve but was needing a bit of information. Since the change to the new version from the older one i have, im ordering the 750mm version. Can anyone tell me how much table space i will need for the unit? trying to start getting my new x-carve table ready in advance. thanks for all the help.

Thank you

Given that everything else is identical, just subtract 250mm from your current machine footprint and that should give you your new footprint(or add 250mm if you have a 500mm).

Inventables has drawings and blueprints for all their machines just print/download those.


Thanks this helps alot.

Does anybody have the height from the very bottom to the top of the router say with Z at max height? I was thinking of dropping mine under a table when I need the table for other things. I’m running out of room for something that’s 16sqft of floor space (48" square). I almost need to choose between table saw out feed table or x-carve table. Nice if I could have both as I would use each about equally.