Ordering tech laser and use mac

Hey guys,
I’m ordering a new laser set up from jtech (super stoked about it) and want to know what softwares y’all think I’m going to need to run it. Im looking for something simple to learn on first before I try more in-depth softwares. I use mac and x controller to run my XC. What do y’all recommend I use, for now?

All I have now is easel because I’m still learning. I’m not doing anything crazy, just want to throw on logos and whatnot. No pictures.

I saw where I could export my degree me from easel as gcode and into chilpeppr for engraving. How do I go about switching the z axis up and down to laser on/off

No of course! I was just saying that I use easel to get my images that I’ve created, lined up and size right. But I also export the gcode from easel and save it for further use. What softwares do you suggest that would work on mac? I’m not too experienced so I’m looking for something that is somewhat easy to understand for a newb.

I looked around and laser etch by tech is probably my best bet for that I’m looking for.