Ornaments to share - enjoy!

My daughter designed all of these ornaments in Easel. She used elements of the existing ‘icons’ available within Easel and cut/pasted/edited points of the various pieces. There are two workpieces, the first is used with a 60d vBit, the second workpiece is for a straight bit to cut them out. Carve, flip them over, carve the other side. Hang on your tree and enjoy!


Nice job! Thank you for sharing!

I created a jig for batching out these sorts of ornaments and locating the blanks for engravings on both sides. The gcode can be generated with easel but I used UGS to manage work coordinates and tool probing between operations.

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Very nice. When I flipped my board over, it messed up the alignment. Perhaps this jig will work better. :wink:

Wait…you used UGS?!? Really? :smile:

Nice looking jig. I like the screws as hold downs.

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