OT: The weather here is nice this time of year

Completely non-Xcarve but man, I love this time of year in Georgia, it’s actually nice outside. We’re going on a weekend getaway tomorrow so of course I’ve got to smoke a brisket so while I wait for the BGE to heat up, I’m sitting outside in the mild temperature, listening to crickets and an occasional broken branch from probably deer and it’s just nice. We’ve got a fire pit this weekend so that’s gonna be awesome. It’s nice to step away from it all sometimes and relax.



Days are starting to warm up here but still cold at night (5 C). almost time to start planting out the veggies.
Might be able to get some more time in the shed with the X-Carve


@JustinBusby Spent 18 years in GA, now back in my home state of AZ in the northern mountains of Flagstaff. Other than the humidity, ice storms and bugs, I loved living there! :grinning:

But seriously, would not have changed living there for the anything. It is lives up to it’s name of God’s country.

@JustinBusby - You got that right! This is the time of year that makes me remember why I live in Georgia!

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I always tell people that I loved the 4 weeks of great weather in GA, 2 weeks of spring and 2 weeks of fall!


Rental house has a fire pit :slight_smile:

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