Out o Sync Text

Hi I am try to insert text inside a carved outline. On the design screen it is perfect. Now on 7th design to try and “guess” the correct position. The onscreen design position is not the same as the carve. Anyone had the same and how is this corrected???


Sorry, just need to clarify this first…
Does this mean that the Design pane does not match the preview. Or that the preview does not match what your machine carved?

If the 2nd, then it’s either the X,Y zero was not set right (use current position vs use last position)
OR the grbl settings are wrong and this would cause movements to be wrong, like moving 10" in the X or Y would actually move more than 10". (can you go into machine inspector and copy all of your grbl settings and share them here?)

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It’s the second. The simulate screen does not match what is carved. I have done other projects and they have been fine. In those instances both the outline and the text have been from Easel library. In this instance the outline image has been downloaded and turned into a g code but the text is from the Easel library. I have been into machine inspector and Both machine position and work position al all set to zero on all axis. Does this help??

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