Out of memory

Hi grateful for help, i have built a Vectric file - nothing complicated and sent as a G code file to easel and every time i load it is states that i am out of memory, i have cleared the cache have good internet access and currently thinking about throwing it in the bin as its so frustrating, grateful for any guidance as really poor.

kind regards

some browsers have a file size limit that can be executed to help prevent malicious programs from being run remotely. when I send larger g-code files (usually from a laser program) I have to use a sender like UGS to bypass this issue.

since you have already designed and generated your code it should not make any difference which sender program you use and a local install program would bypass the security features on a browser based sender.

Much appreciated for the advice, i will review again thanks

Kenneth, if i dont have a UGS to bypass how do i get round this as everytime i import the gcode into easel it continues to say out of memory which makes no sense. Any advise grateful


first what size is the file you are trying to upload? that will give use a baseline to determine if it is a file size limit or something else.

What operating system are you using - Windows - Mac - Linux? this will give us information on how to address this.

What browser are you using? this will give a good start on replicating your issue and hopefully help resolve it.