Out of stock: Dewalt 611 spindle

So my machine is finally on its way! I ordered my 1000mm X-Carve last wednesday morning. Sadly, they were so swamped with black friday orders that they ran out of some things and now I will be missing my power supply and dewalt spindle. I just saw that someone else posted that their order would be lacking the threaded inserts for their wasteboard, fortunately I will be receiving mine being that I opted to make my own wasteboard out of some fine oak plywood for now (to avoid the cost and shipping of the 1000mm wasteboard, eek!)

I shot an email off to Inventables asking if they could possibly get me a PSU sooner by swapping out the 400watt one with the 240watt one that’s only 10 amps; being that the original/default 400 watt 16.666 amp supply was intended to power both the stepper motors and the 24vDC spindle that originally came stock with the machine. I am sure I could easily get away with using the 10amp 24v PSU instead. It would only be powering the stepper motors, which are rated for 2.8 amps. I’m hoping they can come through with that.

In the meantime, I was thinking about investing in a 48vDC supply and the 48vDC quiet cut spindle, along with the universal spindle mount and a mounting plate. Originally I was considering buying that instead of the dewalt spindle, considering the very fine cutting I will be doing for my project, but opted to just go with the dewalt so that my machine would be more capable of doing more demanding projects down the road. I was also considering, at one point, to just get the dewalt and the quiet-cut, for the same reasons, and actually get a whole separate set of v-wheels and other necessary hardware so each spindle could have its own mount without me having to disassemble the tracking gear to swap them out. Eventually I was convinced that the dewalt would work just fine for my delicate/precise work, and decided to just go with it instead.

But now that I have to wait almost 4 weeks from ordering date just to be able to use my machine I am highly tempted to just shell out the extra cash for the quiet cut and the necessary hardware to use it.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Can I ask why you would make the waste board out of oak ply?

Also, you could just order the dewalt spindle elsewhere. Homecenters, Amazon, etc. would carry them.

I would have bought a board of MDF if it was sold at a usable size near my home anywhere. I managed to find the oak ply with nice smooth facing at a size that is usable in the meantime. If you could give me an idea as why not to use it then I will reconsider it, naturally.

Also, I could buy a dewalt elsewhere, and then have two when the one from inventables comes, but I’d still have to order a mount for it, and I wouldn’t have the 1/8" collet for it either that I require for my work, which is also out of stock and on back order from inventables… So it’s a tricky situation.

Being that I was already really close to buying the quiet cut spindle and the necessary hardware for it, not being able to use my machine at all for an entire month after ordering it feels like just enough push to get me off the fence about it and on the side of “I’m gonna buy it”. But it’s really predicated on whether or not Inventables will send me the 240 watt PSU for the gShield instead of the 400 watt one.

@TomP has the solution. I got my 611 and a couple of small auxiliary power supplies at Amazon. Ebay probably has the same things. Check the location of the specific supplier; some are USA and some are China so there can be a big difference in time of delivery.

When my original 24 v spindle sh3t the bed, I opted for the 48v quiet cut running on a separate power supply. Runs nice and quiet (until the bit hits the work piece of course) I also included the speed control relay. I dont have the spindle set up with a relay, I just sourced a toggle switch locally and turn it on and off manually.

No complaints on the set up at all.

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