Outlet and switch plate cover blanks (fusion 360)

If you use fusion 360 or another program that supports it’s files and want blanks to modify for light switch covers and outlets I will be placing the link to them here. For the most part they will be the cover dimensions with hole placement.
single switch cover blank
single switch style 1
rocker/outlet cover base
double gang switch plate blank
single duplex outlet


Wow what a nice idea Shane.

Any double gang designs?

I will be making more when i get back out to the shop later. My point of doing this is it helps me learn fusion and might give others a starting point. I see so many people make things and understandably not willing to share. So I figure if I can give people a basic premade design to work with they can create their own version of it. With a basic design you can see what simple operations do to a object like adding a chamfer. And hopefully build from that into having a better understanding of what things do and move on to make your own designs. I chose switch and outlet covers because it is a simple item that has purpose. I have seen people torn to shreds and raked over the coals on here just for asking for things or just using poor wording. I enjoy helping others in my spare time and really when the machine is running there is not much else to do.


do you have a single duplex outlet program

I was just sitting here looking up the dimensions for one have not found what i am looking fore yet

Wow forgot all about this one. If I ever get some time a
way from work I would like to update it.

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Yeah I also think it’s sad when people rip up people for petty reasons. I just laugh when I see some being an ■■■. So many arm chair quarterbacks in forums. Overall everyone I message has been more than awesome. I think we got some great people here.

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How do you download these files?

I believe that back when these were posted, users with free f360 accounts could share the files via the link, however now the hobbyist accounts are not allowed to share via the link, the step file must be downloaded and then hosted in a file share site in order to share across the web. :man_shrugging:
So the links were probably a valid method to download when they were posted here in 2016/17 but are now simply viewer files…