Outline around my project

I want to place an outline around my project so I can cut out the outline completely through. The current cutting path is just a little bit to just show the image.

The outline that I want to create is to surround the image and leave maybe a 3/4 spacing between. Is this possible

I am still fairly new at this so there may be a better way but… Have you tried the offsetter app?

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Use the offsetter app. You can set it it to any size you want.


Maybe I’m misreading what your end result is, but couldn’t you just insert a square from the toolbar, make the the dimension that’s equal to 3/4" on each side of your design, set it to cut the outline, and then set the depth of cut to the thickness of the board?

the offsetter app will allow you to create the outline as the same shape of your sign. Or as Daniel states draw a square around it.