Outline Cut Help

I am trying to figure out how to set up Easel to cut out the outline of this clock and base and leave everything in the clock and base as is. I have shared the project and appreciate any help! I’ve been working at this for a few days now.



In my experience it will be better to set up another slide on the bottom by hitting the “+” sign, coping everything from slide one to slide two, then delete all of it except the outline. That way you all your settings should not have to be changes and everything should already be aligned. Once you do just have the outline lines then make sure their cut depth is at max depth on the slider bar. Don’t forget to make sure Tabs are being used unless your using either the double sided tape method for clamping or the masking tape and CA glue method for clamping.

I am a true beginner here. Have done a few cuts. The plus sign adds another bit… The roughing or cutting bit, yes I know about how to use that.

Not sure I am following you on the slide one and slide two though.

JeffreySBeebyJr is using the word “slide” to refer to each workpiece (the “bits” you refer to).

I have looked at your project. Did you combine all of the elements of your design? I don’t think it is possible to do what Jeffrey has suggested.

I used the offsetter app, added a line around the outside onto a separate workpiece. On the bottom you can see the 2 workpieces, one your original clock to carve, the other to cut it out.


Yeah I didn’t realize that it was all one object grouped together and you could not delete delete parts of the image. sorry :frowning:

Can’t see the project as it was not shared. thanks

I did the design in Photoshop then moved it into Inkscape to create the SVG file. Then imported into Easel…

Hi Jason,

Can you share those edits so I can take a look? THANKS!

Trying to share again…


It worked!

Now… ha ha… I see the two workpieces. No idea what to do at this point as it looks like the outline is just the outline.

Ok. So I played around with it… best way to learn. I selected outline and set the depth to cut through the material. I THINK tabs is automatically selected as I see some tabs in the image. I used a 1/8 straight cut to cut it out and am planning on using a 60 degree vbit on the clock itself. Here is what each page looks like:

If I think I have this done correctly, I would cut the detail first using the vbit. Then, replace the bit with the 1/8, return to the same starting position as previous cut and hit carve. Anything I am missing??? Thanks!!

You are correct, that is what I would do.

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I cleaned the image up further as I did not like the 55 lines not showing. I just don’t know how to get the outline shape in as pictured above (2nd image). Once I have that figured out, I am good for a test cut! THANKS

I figured it out!! Test cut soon!!! Thanks

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