Outline with two-stage carving

It’s my understanding that the two-stage carving feature will not do “outline” cuts on the rough pass…but that’s actually exactly what I need.

My use case here is that I’ve got a shape I want to cut out, and then I want to “engrave” a pattern on top of that.

So, I need to do an “outline” pass to cut the primary shape out, and then I need to do a “detail” pass for the engraving. That first outline pass needs the larger 1/8" bit to reach the depth that I need.

How can I pull that off?

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Your best bet is to use the new workpieces feature to have one piece being only the outline and another handle just the detail. Then you can have different cut settings for each part.


Set the depths of all the objects you don’t want cut to 0", then ‘carve.’

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