Outline X-Y limits before carving


Does anyone know of a method to send the X-Carve to the X and Y limits of a carve before starting? Just in case the material is a almost of the carve and you want to make sure that the work piece is place correctly.



Why cant you use the X Y buttons (the arrows) of the “Carve” dialog.
Zero the machine, then type in the correlating distances in the step size.

Could do that, but would love to have something done automagically!!

I moved this post to the Easel Feature Requests.
Your question is about software,not related to the X-Carve hardware
If you don’t use Easel, I suggest the Uncategorized category.

BTW you can also try “air cutting”
Zero the Z height way above your stock.
Than cancel the job once you know your safe.


+1 on the site cutting. It’s saved my @as a couple times.