Outrunner Quiet-Cut spindle

Anyone ever try using the quiet-cut spindle in an arrangement like this?

Interesting…what would be the purpose of that set-up?

Well, I’ve read that the major disadvantage to the Quiet-Cut spindle is lack of power. I also have read that with the Dewalt router the biggest problem is getting it to run slow enough for bits to work. I thought maybe that one could kill 2 birds with one stone by gearing down one of these, but having looked at the spec sheet now, it seems like these run pretty slow already (3000 - 12000 RPM). Probably won’t work.

I figured if it worked, you’d have:

  • spindle control via software we already have
  • ER-11 collet (or whatever collet you want)
  • quieter operation (maybe?)
  • potentially less weight hanging on the gantry

Yeah, in retrospect it looks like it would be cool from a Rube Goldberg standpoint, but also be an invitation for Murphy to live in the garage with me. Permanently.