"overpass" lines

Please forgive me if this has already been addressed, as I’m sure it has been. But I’m super pressed for time, as my wife asked me to carve a sign for a wedding in ONE WEEK. I have the file. I have the wood. I have set aside practice wood.
My question is this…How do you get rid of the “overpass” lines in the carve. The machine goes over its last pass, and leaves the cut marks. Am I using the wrong bit(s)? I know they’re sharp, because they’re brand new. Or is this just something to deal with?
I just need to know if there’s something I should be doing differentley.

pictures would help solve and/or point you in the right direction? possibly share your project?
OIP (2)

you might want to check your V wheels and belts. Also you might want to check for any movements on Z assembly and carriage (in the Y direction - front to back).

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