Oversize materials

Has anyone tried to work with oversize materials, like 12x12? I’m thinking that there may be a way to fool the Carvey by modifying the smart clamp or not screwing in the lower screw, etc.? Does anyone know the limitations that the homing sequence travel imposes on overhanging the waste board in the front or back?

I have done long (about 400mm) and narrow front panels by clamping them above the smart clamp and using an offcut of the same stock under the clamp.

It is also possible to have the stock overhang the front by running with the door open and using a magnet to bypass the door switch, so you may get away with one screw in the clamp until the z switch has done its thing, then hit pause, get the clamp out of the way and secured and continue.

Even so you still won’t be able to mill in the keep out area in that corner.