P.wood derby car

So I want to make a pine wood derby car for my Nephew using FUSION 360.I just got the software a few days Ago,the race is in 4 days,not Enough time for me to learn the software that fast to draw the car on fusion,Any 1 who can draw the car for me An E-Mail the files will be very much Appreciated it,And I will pay handsomely for those files,how ever is got it be the Car I want,if you interest plz reply,And we will talk more About it.

I have two pinewood STL files out on Thingiverse. You would need to have some software like fusion 360 or Vcarve to convert the STLs to tool pathes.


I couldn’t produce a custom car design on this short a notice.

I made the Plan-B car design in case I had to knock a car out quickly. Thank goodness we have never had to use it.

If you have to make a car on short notice I recommend “the basic wedge”. The design is fast to make, has good speed and can be customized (for example a cheese wedge). Make sure your car comes in right at the 5 ounce mark or you’re never going to win. Take care with setting the wheels and use lots of graphite.

My son is a Bear in the cub scouts and just won fastest in the pack.

My wife cut the vinyl flag on her Cri-cut.

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thanks for ur reply,i have fusion 360, and also v-carve pro,do you know any one that can desing a pine wood derby car for me?of course i will pay for the files.thanks

No promises, but you should share your ideas, drawings, and photos of what you think you want, and the community here can see what they can do.

Be mindful of the fact that complicated designs may need machining from the bottom and sides and not just the top. This is a serious challenge unless you are highly skilled with CNC.

These days many folks are adding 3D printing to the pinewood cars where the cut the pinewood block down to a thin sled and attach a 3D printed body over the top. This may be a good way to go if you have access to a 3D printer.

Lastly, I should point out that if you are doing this for your Nephew, it is very important to involve the child in the process. That is the sole point of Pinewood.