Pacific Northwest Indian inspired

Well here’s the latest project… Raven, The Mischievous One.



What bits did you use to get such as smooth finish on everything?

Believe me, the bits didn’t make that smooth finish, that’s about 6 hours of hand-sanding each piece! Bits used were 1/8 inch endmill two straight flute for the rough cut. and 1/16 fishtail for the detail.

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I was gonna guess a small roundover bit on the edges… looks good

It’s beautiful. Are you going to do anything else to the finish, perhaps to bring out the contrast between the pockets and the faces? Either way the sanding and finishing is gorgeous.

Looks great! Love the bookmatching!

@Mike… All this got was several coats of Danish oil… Wanted to keep it natural and just let light and shadows play on it… There’s some pretty cool natural grains it the pieces also.

Looks great! Where did you get the pattern? Or is it your own design?

@StevenJohnson… this was an image I downloaded off the net, but I did tweak and change some portions. So no, the entire image is not my design.