Paddle files

I have seen some really neat display paddles (oars) hanging on walls. Some with parachute cord wraps, some without. Some with coins, and others with engravings. Does anyone have a decent long and short paddle file (easel, v-carve, or otherwise) they would be willing to share with the forum? If not, does anyone have a link to a file that I could purchase the product? I saw the v-carve vectric 3d models of oars and it didn’t seem to be the same thing. Perhaps it was just because their length was long and it looked more like crew oars than canoe oars (or a display paddle). The picture is an example I pulled off the internet with a google search for display paddle. Anyways, any help with this would be great. I think it is a project the X-carve could handle easiliy. Thanks V/R J.R.

Something like this?

That looks good. If you share it in easel can you provide the link? I will try to run it through my machine at some point soon. Thanks!

Here you go:


Thanks! I hope to give it a try soon