Paid for monthly description but still no pro?

I paid for the montthly recurring subcription for easel pro yesterday but even after payment and everything seemed like it worked (green ok) it still shows the red ! and i cannot do any pro options.

Decided to try and buy a daily pass using the same credit card. And that worked. Now, 24 hours later i still cannot use the pro features again.

I did find the “activate easel pro” button on the account tab in easel, but when i click it i get:

Invalid product key.

I did get the “Welcome to easel pro” email.

I never had to input the name on the card but instead it asked for my postal code, is that normal?

Edit: just checked and received 2 emails for 2 monthly passes. So now i seem to have 2 subscriptions? And still no easel pro. How do i get a refund for 1 of those subscriptions? And how do i activate it. Basically i have 2x the montly subscription and a daily pass i bought after those that was also an unnessecary cost…

Contact Inventables.

This is a user forum, we can’t refund your money. You need to call them.


Hi @Jurgendebruijn - If you haven’t already, please reach out directly to our Customer Success team via email/phone. They’ll be available from 9-5 CST today. Here’s the link! I’ve alerted them to your issue.

I did. No reply still.

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Still no reply. Emailed Mo. And did a support request through the link provided by jessie.

Guess i will have to postpone some projects ik working on :woozy_face:

I never email them i always call them and get great support. Of corse they are closed today but try the tomorrow.