Paid to make projects for other forum members?

Would it be against the forum rules to have a area where members can request something designed and offer something in return for the work? I know entire web sites where companies pitch a idea and ppl submit their project and the one that gets picked gets paid.

“This category is for buying, selling, and trading 3D carving machines and related accessories.” Im talking actual easel files that can be carved. And more of a request then listing a design for sale.

I could be wrong, but I think that kinda goes against inventables whole “shared designs” thing

I understand but if i have an idea in my head for something that no one else in the world would want or think of but I don’t have the technical ability to design it id throw someone a few bucks to help me out. The project they make could be shared for free after.

Charley has done this. He makes and sells lift Y axis plates and for those of us who could make them ourselves we could but its easier to just buy them in some cases. So I do not see any issue selling premade stuff.