Painter's Palette: Wood Material Question

I want to make a painter’s palette for a friend who usually uses acrylics and sometimes oils. Additionally, I am going to v carve some words around the edges. She paints works professionally so I would like to pick something that will last a long time.

Are there any painter’s out there? What wood would you recommend I use to make the palette? (My plan is to layout the rounded paint slots in Easel or Fusion and carve them out.)

I have made one out of Oak but it was a display for Kaleidoscopes. I found Hard White Maple, Birch or Oak were most commonly used I would use Vcarve for the dish option personally but I know it cost a lot for that program. They did have the pallette shape in the clip art for vcarve but a simple SVG search on google can round up options all day I bet.

I could use FEngrave, but I’m not sure how to do the settings for something so big…

if you can find beech, it has nice tight grain. Finish it with linseed oil. :smiley: