Painting & staining strategies

Hi all,
Still a newbie at all of this, but Ive been really enjoying working with my CNC. Ive struggled though with painting/staining. One of the projects Im trying to make is a mini basketball court tray. I put down some stencil film, carved (got good lines with a v-bit) but when I try and paint the appropriate sections, the paint tends to bleed. The lines carve well in the wood, but the paint makes it look sloppy. Any strategies for this that I can learn? Type of paint? Stain the wood once everything else is finished or stain the wood before carving? Any help is appreciated!

check this out

(494) Log Family Sign made on the Shapeoko XXL - YouTube

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So you’ve found spray paint to work well? I just had bleeding into the wood that was very frustrating

use a clear coat before painting, to prevent bleeding

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So stain, clear coat, cut, then spray paint?

What I do is:
Clear Coat
Spray clear coat the carve area to seal the grain vessels ( I usually do 3-4 light coats from various angles giving each coat a few minutes to dry) Oh and I use Water Based Poly for both clear coat applications, usually wipe on type for the first application before… .
Then after that’s dry I’ll Spay Paint
Then let it dry
Then peel the masking

I never get bleeding into the grain with this method.


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