Painting Techniques for V Bit Carving

I’m building a Super Mario Inspired picture/toy ledge for my nephew.

I was wondering the best painting technique to avoid getting the paint Inside the grooves.

Here I primed everything black and then used a small 4" paint roller with a 1/4" nap and lightly rolled over the best I could still got some paint inside the grooves.

Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated.

Use a foam roller, then just lightly pass over the bricks.

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Or paint the board the brick color first, once it dries apply Oramask over the board and carve. Then you can paint the black.


I’ll definitely giver the microfiber roller a try.

Do you find using the Oramask cost efficient?

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Yes using the Oramask is cost effective, saves time and does a great job.


Just curious, why the shellac between carving and painting?

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To keep the paint from running under the mask is the main reason but also to seal the wood. The bare wood wont absorb as much paint with shellac on it. Its worked good for me.


Listen to Russell Crawford he uses the same system that I use and it works great.