Painting Thin Lines

So I have been making a clock for Mothers day. And this clock has a v carved horse on it. I have been trying to use @PhilJohnson wipe technique to paint it. It works like a charm except on the really thin shallow lines. I can’t seem to keep paint in them. Any suggestions to fix this problem?

Awesome! My first thought was to let it dry more, didn’t think of wrapping the T-shirt/rag really tight! I’ll take your advice and post a picture when its done!

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Here is what I have so far. I’m gonna have to go back over the thin lines a already messed up and get rid of the smearing that makes the stain look darker. Only my second project and I’m already learning a ton


There are paint pens at hobby lobby that work great also

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Thank you! The good news is it is for my mom. No matter how it looks she will display it proudly just like all the pictures I drew when I was three… Lol

@PhillipLunsford Im going to have to look into the paint pens. I did notice I was starting to apply way too much paint with a medium sized paint brush and it was hard to clear it all off.

With the paint pens there was no cleanup. I could paint directly in the line

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