Parametric software

Hi, can anyone recommend an easy way to resize 3d models so that as they scale up or down in size, i can also change thickness of slots for different material thicknesses?

If the entire model is being scaled based on the size of the slot I’d think any software that can scale the model you’re starting with will work. What kind of file do you have?

Hi, usually svg. I don’t design files I usually just purchase them in that format

Illustrator, inkscape, even Easel.
Easy if you’re just scaling the entire design.

thank you. i would love to know how to do it in easel if you don’t mind explaining? I can’t just scale up the overall size right, as that makes the slots bigger? and scaling down does vice versa?

Easel won’t accommodate that. It can handle a vector but it will not restrain a slot to stay at 1/8" width when reducing/increasing the overall shape. The slot will reduce/increase at an equal rate as the overall shape.

I thought that’s what the OP wanted.

@JeffHunt Is that your intent? If so, share an SVG and info on your slot size.

I’ve been working on that sort of thing using OpenSCAD.

Apparently there are some options for it in some of the box generators.

Autodesk Fusion 360 apparently has some features for enabling this sort of thing as well — the 3D models need to be specially made to support it.

Fusion support parametric modelling (a shape adapting within a set of rules)
I have no experience with that though.

My understanding of the OP’s question was that he just wanted to scale an entire SVG.
A more typical problem is exactly what @WillAdams is referring to. Modifying a CNC cut file so all dimensions are the same except those that depend on material thickness (tabs, slots, fingers, etc). Modifying a design that was originally designed for a different thickness stock is not trivial unless it was designed in, and you’re using, a parametric modeling program (Fusion 360, Inventor, Solid works, etc). I do this in Fusion, so I can start the design before I know the exact material. When the .75" plywood is actually 18mm, you just change that one parameter and you’re good to go.