Parking trouble

I was carving a tile piece and when finished the second piece i used the park feature and it slammed into the back of the machine. Why?

I am not positive but if you are carving something lets say 24" tall in the y direction and you get done i believe the park position on that would be 24" up and that would be more then the size of your machine so it would run into the end. I am not using mine at the moment but i am sure when it is done and that park position comes up there is a measurement there to look at and see if you have enough movement.

Why wouldnt it stop before slamming into the rear. I thought it would only move so many inches then stop.

It will but how many inches did it move and did you have that much room. How big of a project were you carving?

Did you home the machine before you started? (If not, it has no way of knowing where the back of the machine is.)

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So you have to do the math. That makes it a useless feature.

Read the park feature. Thats a bad statement you made.

you need to setup the park feature for every project, because each project is different
(323) Easel Features: Parking - YouTube

This feature is useless for tiling. Im trying tile and when i hit park it slams into the rear of the machine. They dont actually say 3" from the end of the LAST TILE NOT LAST CUT which in my case moves it off the board. As i said useless for tiling.

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Do you really have to set up a park location to each carve?
I no longer use Easel but had assumed the park feature was like g28 or g30?

maybe you should try Open builds sender?

Not exactly, I thought the “Park” simple moved the Y up 300mm, BUT it looks like it might be more of a “Y to top of project PLUS a certain amount” which is what’s causing the crash for Harry, since the particular project is actually a Tile so the top of the design is actually out of the work area…

@HarryTerry I’m on board with Ken here on using a dedicated Gcode sender. Unfortunately the “Ease” of easel is just too limited in its functionality and using a dedicated sender like OpenBuilds provides so much more user control of what exactly is going to happen, you can setup G28 / G30 to perform parks if you like, OR simply manually type a desired Y position and it’ll move there which is what I usually do BUT I do like the idea of setting up G28 / G30 for the purpose of parking to a set position.

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crashes on tiling. have to do manually

I had mine crash also during park.
I think what happened was that it said it parks 3" past your project. my project was to close to the back of the table. So it did have the extra space for clearence.


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