Part accountability

Have others had problems with bolts missing, or being cross threaded? I’d think for the price of this thing, quality control would be a little better. I’ve had to run to buy bolts 5 times, and order them once!

Customer service is excellent. Give them a call and I’m sure that they can help you.

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Thanks Phillip. I’ve seen some of your videos! If you’re pawpaw that is. The problem is that I bought my xcarve a couple of years ago. I got sick, and had to have some surgery. I just opened it this summer, and started assembling it. I didn’t figure they would accommodate me after such a long period of time, so I just bought the stuff. Although I’m not done yet. I just found an M5x12 in an M5x8 bag so I’m short an M5x8 and the hardware store doesn’t carry that. Maybe I’ll give customer service a try.

I just attached the gantry to the table yesterday, so I’m getting near the end now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything else is there.

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@ToddSmeester. Yes, I’m pawpaw. Thanks for watching my videos. That being said, I have worked with customer service on a number of occasions and have always found them to be very helpful even after an extended amount of time. Give them a try.

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I will. Thanks Phillip.

Yes, same exact experience.