Part# for upgrade

So to replace the Eccentric Nuts with Eccentric Spacer and nyloc nuts, the part# is 25195-08 for the spacers, right?
In the new X-Carve they are called wheel tensioners and Inventables said that they are not available yet.
But if wheel tensioners are the same as Eccentric Spacer, again Inventables has said, aren’t they part# 25195-08?
Buy if you got the old X-Carve then the old Eccentric Spacer part# 25195-08 are the ones to go with?
Sorry if I got you lost because I’m lost. The time for me to this is now because I just got the new Markerslide.

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Wheel tensioners = eccentric spacers

All the parts to upgrade the wheel tensioning scheme are now available in the store.

Description SKU in Module Qty Reg Inv SKU Qty Status
Belt sleeve 30677-01 6 30677-02 6 On sale now
Eccentric Spacer 0.375" Long 25195-08 2 25195-08 1 On sale now
Eccentric Spacer 0.200" Long 25195-07 8 25195-07 1 On sale now
Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 40 25286-30 2 25286-51 10 On sale now
Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 30 25286-32 8 25286-05 10 On sale now
Hex Nut M5 Nylon Locking 30265-04 10 30264-01 10 On sale now


Thanks so 25195-08 is the right part!

I think you went astray on the part numbers for the screws and nuts, they don’t appear to be valid on your site.
It’s a little hard to follow the list the way you’ve formatted it, I’m basically looking for each SKU and the number of that SKU I’d need to order for each.

@StevePrior `It’s not his fromating it’s the Forum software that stop you from using tabs and spaces.

The columns above ^^^ should read as
A. Description
B. Parent SKU
C. Qty needed
D. Child SKU
E. Qty per package ( sold in X Qty)
F. Status (availabe for sale, not available for sale)

What your asking for
Qty need, then SKU, then Description

6 X 30677-02 Belt sleeve
2 x 25195-08 Eccentric Spacer 0.375" Long
8 x 25195-07 Eccentric Spacer 0.200" Long
2 x 25286-51 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 40
8 x 25286-05 Button Head Cap Screw M5 x 30
10 x 30265-01 Hex Nut M5 Nylon Locking


I can’t find 30265-04. Just 01/02 and 06. Will the 04 be available?

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You Quote “30264-01” and then say you can’t find “30265-04”
30265-xx are all Nylon Insert Lock Nut M3, M4, M5 nuts are available.

What is the Description of what you are looking for?

I don’t know why it quoted the 30264-01, but the table shows Hex Nut M5 Nylon Locking 30265-04/30264-01. If I do a search for 30265-04 it only shows 01, 02 and 06. 30264-01 shows no results. I am just trying to choose the correct one.

Sorry looks like we both had a type-o, it’s 30265-01 not 30264-01
$1.00 30265-01 M5 Nylon Insert Lock Nut

Gotcha… Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

So does this parts list account for all of the differences between the old and new 1000mm X-Carve that aren’t already included in the official X-Carve Upgrade Kit?

@bdubu Oh no not at alll! This is just replacing Eccentric Nut with Eccentric Spacer like the new X-Carve.

The link to the online doc that has 6 of the 13 upgrades in it, is in the above post.

Read this post and watch the video for more info about the upgrades.

Thanks Doug for clarifying that. I’ll have a look at the document linked to in that post. I hadn’t realized this was available.

Is there any advice for someone who hasn’t yet assembled their original 1000mm X-Carve yet? Am I better off first assembling it as per the original instructions and then following the community created document to upgrade the machine to the current revision (or is there a better way for me to go about this)? Thanks!

Well hard to answer, somethings you would do twice if you assemble then upgrade.
I’m only doing about 4 of the upgrades, Wide MakerSlide, Eccentric Space, X-Controller and Belt Sleeve.
Not doing Side Board, Z-Probe, etc.
To do Wide MakerSlide and Eccentric Spacers you do have to fully remove the x-rail, Gantry Side Plates and X-Carriage.
It’s not that hard about 1 hour to do. If you install the old power supply and Controller one of the Y Stepper cables would have to be replace to be longer to run to the new X-Controller.
Thinking about it more it would be a bit easier to wait because the new way to assemble is solder-less and you wouldn’t have to re-calibrate the X-axis and Z-axis. I couldn’t wait, I wanted to start using right away. So I think of during the upgrades as my X-Carve 30 day 1000 miles oil change.

I would start a new post about this because your question under another question will not be seen.

Hey Doug,
Would you be able to provide me with a parts list if I just wanted to upgrade the eccentric nuts to eccentric spacers on my older xcarve machine?

I did this upgrade a few months ago, here’s the exact parts list from my order history.
Eccentric Spacer - 25195-08 (×2)
Eccentric Spacer - 25195-07 (×8)
Button Head Cap Screw - 25286-51
Button Head Cap Screw - 25286-05
Nylon Insert Lock Nut - 30265-01