Upgrade Instructions Challenge

I’m gonna take a risk on this one. I’ve asked our internal team to write instructions for the upgrade. I don’t know the current status. I know people on this forum are already starting their upgrades in advance of the shipping of the X-Controller and some people have shared Tips and Tricks.

Could people in the community build better instructions for the upgrade than our own internal team?

I once heard Bill Joy the founder of Sun Microsystems give a talk where he said “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else” this became Joy’s law.

That was 11 years ago. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since. I think this could be an interesting scenario to test Joy’s Law. I’m not going to tell anyone at our company I’ve posted this. The only way they will know is if they find it on the forum.

Some people in this community might have good contributions for “gotchas” or things that our team isn’t thinking about. For example if you’ve done mods or perhaps you have more experience with the machine than the two people from our Customer Success team we have working on the instructions.

Anyone from the forum interested in contributing to this shared doc?

If you have any questions please put them here.


are you wanting instructions on the x-controller itself or the entire x-carve in general?

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I was thinking just the upgrades but I’ll let the community decide.

I think it does too @RobertCanning but this new one works better.

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Looking forward to seeing the results of this challenge. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to order for at least another few weeks so I won’t have a chance to contribute anything useful.

Your spirit will be with us.

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Challange accepted.
Rough Draft already done.

That was unbelievably fast.

I love this stuff man.


Im just fine tuning her now. Adding pix as i go.
I definitely allegedly stole some of inventables pix to use…

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I can’t believe how many people are viewing the doc.


Rejoin the chat there to help me out?

Normally I would but it’s kinda cheating if I contribute.

No need then. We can handle it… Stop by and check us once in a while.

I am so deep into other mods that I can’t get this upgrade another couple weeks. I am converting to chain drive this week and testing a water cooled spindle even tho 1.5kw is not suggested here I think it can handle it once I go chain and do the 40mm upgrade with the xcontroller. Can’t wait to get one of these upgrades myself!

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plz post the chain solution.

This is why videos are useful along with written instructions.

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where is the x-carve automatic tool changer?

I saw a video and I believe a thread floating around and that is really cool and 1 step closer to completing with machines like the step craft machine

its would be great to find a atc attachment for the dewalt 611 or the bosch 1617 router

I would imagine that if you where to make a atc attachment for the 611 or 1617 router and sold it as an accessory you would tap into a huge market small and big machines alike

auto tool changers are huge for your business customers and production

that reminds me it would be super cool to see a production grade x-carve with the x-controller

Linear rails
ball screw z-axis
r&p drives

lots of businesses need a super rigid small format cnc for there products build it off the backbone of the x-carve changing around a few things to get it to work and sell the upgrades to current x-carve owners I look at the machine and all of that stuff can be added to the existing x-carve with a few different parts

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very true it would but for business customers looking for a productive machine it would be well worth the cost and could be made up rather quickly if the cost jumped from 1,700 to 3,000 it would still be competitive

Update: Within 2 hours the forum had the first draft done. Within 14 hours at least 3 people have put together what looks like a formidable set of instructions.

Question: Can anyone verify if they instructions are good?

Responding to your other question. Would you want one @WorkinWoods? How much is it worth to you?