Part of carving ragged most smoothly carved

I imported a bitmap into Inkscape to convert to scalable vector graphic. I then imported the graphic into Easel, where I duplicated several times to get a repeating pattern. After carving most of the project was smoothly done but a small portion of the carve was ragged and entails a time consuming amount of clean up. After carefully watching the machine doing the carve, I believe the basic problem stems from Inkscape making the graphic a collection of closed loops. Some of these loops were made by offsetting the centerline of the cut by .01 inches then returning to the start point. What this did to the carve was allow the v-bit to cut the wood in a manner that the wood is unsupported as the bit cuts on its return to the start of the closed loop. All of the ragged cuts were cross grain, but not all cross grain cuts were raggedly carved.

Sounds to me like the bit its cutting cleanly cross-grain. I would liek to see photos of your carved project.

You mention that not all cross-grain paths was ragged, direction of travel can greatly affect this.

Because Inkscape closed the loops in a manner I cannot fathom, or why, the entire carving was cut twice, offset by .01 inches. During the cutting process at ties the bit cut into wood in a direction opposite to that of what is called a climb cut. All of these cross grain non climb cuts were ragged. Is there a way to export graphics from Inkscape so the output is not a closed loop? Not off set?