Parts and Files after GrabCAD

The GrabCAD Workbench links for the parts and files no longer work. I have a copy of the original GrabCAD files for the 1000mm machine saved in Fusion 360 (link). Does anyone have CAD for the updated z-axis and/or risers?

Is this community dead now? It seems that Inventables no longer moderates or supports makers here (maybe it’s moved somewhere else?).

That functionality in GrabCAD was deprecated a while ago. I don’t know that Inventables ever addressed it, and I never noticed any updates to the files there.

I’ve see the question asked, but I have not seen a file or response. My guess would be that they’re not open source.

As a community…possibly. There are a handful of users that try to help. I think when Easel became more popular outside of Shapeoko/X-Carve/Carvey users, the forum became less of a community and more of an online forum.