Parts left over after the last step?

Hi everybody,

My x-carve is allmost built, but I am having trouble with the last step.
I still have some parts I don’t know what to do whith. I have taken a photo of them: it’s the small green block and the black/yellow wire.
What are they for?
Please help!

Hy Heleen

These are the parts of the PWM spindle drive. Look at

There will be explained how to assemble them to your X-Carve :wink:
I Wish You Success

I am sorry. Complete Newbie here. What does it do?
I am planning to use my x-carve with easel. My spindle is a 24DV-spindle and doesn’t seem to have an on/of switch. Do I need it?

When you have the normal 24V DC-Spindle from Inventables then you can attach the yellow and black Wire like shown in the link above to the arduino and your power-supply. Then you are able to change your Spindle-Speed in Easel.

In your Picture theres the little switch on the left side of your Powersupply, there you can manually turn your spindle on and of. When the switch is in the third Position (Logic-Position) then the spindle will be controlled over easel.

Just go throu the Instuction and then try it out.

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Thanks for the fast answer!
I am going to try.

Up and running X-carve here!!!