Patio TV Cabinet

I haven’t posted any projects I’ve done as of yet. Here it goes. We had build a cabinet for the TV on the patio, though I was never happy with the boring plain look of the front panel doors. After I figured out that the reason the computer quit mid carve, and separated router and vacuum from the same line that powered the computer, the carves went smooth and without any hiccups for hours. The results are below, though it’s been too cold for the clear coat, which is the final step. I guess it’s not hard to figure out where I went to school. LOL


Looks good, awesome build.

Thanks Russel. If anyone says it’s easy to carve those stars on the trim, well, it ain’t so. Lots of measuring. LOL My custom holders I made for the table came in handy.

I sure it took some patience to carve the trim. At first I was looking at the middle and trying to figure out what that was and then realized it was longhorns. Do you have a speaker in the bottom?

Yes. I installed new speakers and stereo into my wife’s car. When we build the TV cabinet I used the old ones to build a sound bar with them. A 4x8 sheet of MDF later we had a pretty good sounding speaker bar. Each sits in its own compartment, and they are hooked up to an old receiver. I don’t thrown anything away. LOL

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