Paulk Workbench - Done on CNC

I ordered the plans for the Paulk Workbench II and built it over the holiday.

If you are interesting in the plans you can purchase them off the Paulk website.

Paulk Workbench II Website

I designed it from the plans in VCarve Pro and cut it ALL out on my CNC. It assembled perfectly and was very easy to do from the plans. The only challenge was how to cut the long 2X8 foot sections on a 30 inch CNC. Fortunately VCarve Pro has a tiling option that works great for this exact issue.


I bought those same plans awhile ago but haven’t gotten around to making it. Was the Vcarve Pro conversion process difficult?

No it was very easy to draw up. The plans are very well documented and you just have to follow them as you draw them up.

I made one of these a couple of years ago but never got around to drilling the holes in the top.
The cut-outs in the side are great but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ‘lost’ tools inside it. :grinning:

Been looking at that style bench for a while. How do you like the top being 1/2 inch? It seems pretty sturdy but I keep thinking about going with a 3/4 inch top.

The top of my Paulk bench is 17mm form-ply. The thicker ply makes it heavier but as I never move my bench, it doesn’t really matter. The phenolic coating on the form ply stops any glue from sticking which is great for gluing projects up.

There are support braces in the center of the bench. You wont notice any difference in the top strength. However, if i were building it again, I would probably use 3/4 inch for the legs. That is the only place I see any flex in the entire system.

That’s awesome. I need to look into that tiling option.

I have built that same workbench out of regular 1/2 ac ply and it has held up for 4 years so far. And It has held over 750+ lbs so I have no complaints!

Good job!

If I ever build another one I will use 3/4" for the top and 3/4" for the legs. Works just fine with 1/2" but would be better with 3/4".

Depends if you want to move it to another job site. The 1/2 inch is heavy enough. I cannot imagine what a 3/4 inch one would be like to move. And as Trevor notes above, 750 pounds of weight on the 1/2 inch bench doesnt budge it so i think it is way sturdy enough for 99% of the shop uses most of us will every have not to mention the 1/2 inch plywood is cheaper in cost.

As I mentioned, the top of my Paulk workbench is 17mm form ply. It’s movable but at the limit of what I’m comfortable with lifting.

well i can say this when i built mine i used 1/2 ply for the tops and 3/4 for the legs and bottom shelf. But the 1/2 for the table top makes the them heavy enough to carry. so if you would use 3/4 its gonna weigh a ton. But to comment on what Bobjewell said about having a replaceable Masonite top is a great idea and is something i wish i would have done years ago!

Still a great find!

I am new to vcarve and think its gonna take me forever to master it. Any chance you’d be willing to sell the vcarve file you created for the Paulk Workbench. I have already purchased the plans so I’m not trying to short change Ron Paulk… just want to start building rather than mastering software :slight_smile:

Shoot you don’t need V carve to do a Paulk. You could make that on Easel

I talked to Ron about giving him the plans for him to give or sell to his purchasers to save them some time. He basically chewed me out and told me all about his legal staff. He apparantly is afraid that if the plans get out there in CNC format people wont buy them I guess. So the short answer is no I cannot provide them do to legal implications.

That’s disappointing. I bought his plans a while back but haven’t made the bench yet because I wanted to translate it to CNC plans at some point. It would be nice to have the files available since that work has already been done, and would in no way impact my willingness to pay for the files. I could understand him not wanting you to personally share the plans, but I don’t see why he couldn’t bundle a CNC version in when he sells his plans.

I guess he is afraid you would send the electronic plans to someone that didnt buy them. However you could do that with the plans he sends you when you buy them so I am not sure what the big deal is. You might contact him and ask if he has a set of CNC files. At least see what he says :slight_smile:

Would you be interested in selling the dxf/vector file for the bench? Trying to save some time converting them if I can!