Pause during carve

My machine quits part way thru carve. Set again and restarted but quick part way again. 3 times.
My screen in the RH corner turned from green to blue. All connections and programs are good . Wifi connectivity also shows connected

Sleep mode off on the computer?

Was good for the longest and then it started to shut down. Same pattern but different time periods

Have you tried a different USB cable?

fyi the wifi connection whether constant, intermittent, or totally off will not have any effect on the carve in progress, so just something to keep in mind, or rather not worry about…

as to the carve failing to complete, when the carve stops do you get the “carve complete” screen from Easel? if so this is an indication that the issue is the usb connection dropping out
if not, then that is an indication that the cnc likely lost AC power even momentarily.

The AC power loss can occur from the local switchgear being activated, depending on where you live and how consistent power is in that area/region. OR what is more common is a static spike caused by a not properly grounded dust collection (or shop vac working as dust collection) system. so if you’re using a device to collect dust, ensure the hose is properly grounded to earth ground.

The USB connectivity issue is commonly caused by:

  1. USB going into selective suspend mode (or other sleep settings) but the selective suspend is the most common since this setting is more hidden away and commonly missed. here’s how to set it on Windows 10 and some builds of windows 11, if you cannot locate the setting as show, you may need to consult google and check the alternative windows 11 methods until you are able to positively find the setting and set it to “disabled” How to Disable USB Selective Suspend and stop your CNC carves from fai – His N Hers Handcrafted
  2. the PC not having enough voltage to supply the 5V needed for the CNC Arduino chip that is within the controller to function properly. this chip is fed voltage from the PC over the usb cable, so if the PC is older, OR is a lower end, OR is a laptop running on battery only mode, this 5V can drop too low and the chip will loose connection. IF it’s suspected to be this 5V dropping issue, a EXTERnally powered USB hub will help by boosting that 5V up all the way via it’s own power supply.: (I have this one, it works great)


  1. On my older 2018 used (new to me) X-Carve i was having connectivity issues and discovered that the USB cable INSIDE the X-Controller was intermittent. the cable itself was failing and anytime the router started there was enough vibration to cause the USB connection to immediately drop out. I tested this by plugging a different USB cable into the board and that worked fine. I then ordered a replacement cable…

yes ran new after 3 failures

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thank you for the hints, i did look very carefully but possibly missed something. again tonight it happened

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