Pause for spindle check

Used a piece of software today that when you start the file, it pauses and asks if the spindle is up to speed. You click yes and the file runs. Those of us with routers have all made the mistake of starting a file then clawing at the ro.uter to get it turned on before it hits the work.
It could be made an option in the machine settings. The operator could choose to have the reminder as the first line of the gcode.


When Using Easel as the sender and a router is selected as the spindle tyoe, the user IS prompted to turn on the router and must click a “Router is On” button before Easel lets the user proceed.
Sooo this feature is already present…

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@SethCNC , thank you again, the time you put in for us is phenominal,So am set up for Makita, and have to export the gcode to my 1finity, then download it into the machine. Have never seen a spindle check, where would I look?

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Oops, somehow I accidentally edited your post instead of posting my own reply :man_facepalming: >>>

Ohh, in the above post it wasn’t mentioned that you were not using Easel as the gcode sender. Easel as the Gcode sender includes this notice/warning.
In your situation this modification to the gcode that Easel produces would likely require a modified post processor and like you mentioned, a check box to activate that option to pull from the alternate post processor. and while this is possible, I highly doubt they’ll implement this, seeing as how they use only one post processor to date, just being a realist about it. . .

You could see if BuildBotics has an option to include this warning/notice within their software when you click “Run/Start” as a popup with a confirmation box to click in the same manner that Easel includes it.

OR you could integrate a Solid State Relay to automatically turn on/off the router for you at the click of the “Run/Start” button. How to use an SSR (Solid State Relay)

Which software was this?

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The software I am using is Jointcam. Nothing that cannot be done in Easel, but it saves a bunch of arithmetic and is much quicker to set up.
Now am wondering if the code (looks like just one line including the text) could be set up as a macro to insert it into the start of the file.

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